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Alphaland is physical and virtual.


// Physical //  

Atelier d'artiste / photographic studio based in Montreuil, FR

// Virtual //

// What for? //

Creating visual arts with an 'Alpha' state of mind as a mean to reach higher dimensions of consciousness, also known as Modern Surrealism.

// What is Modern Surrealism? //

The Modern Surrealism style is an extension of the Surrealist movement, focused on the unconscious mind, source of the true expression of our creativity.

// What is Alpha? //

Level of frequency in the brain allowing the consciousness to connect with the unconsciousness, gateway to human’s true nature and creativity. It is a state of wakeful relaxation that is associated with increased alpha wave activity. When electroencephalograms show a brain wave pattern of 9 to 12 cycles per second, the subject is said to be in alpha state, usually described as relaxed, peaceful, or floating.

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